Power Supply, Energy Management, and Catenary Problems

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Linear induction motors. Micro machines.

Project examples:

Hybrid vehicles. Electromedicine problems. New light sources. Electrical metrology. Measuring transducers. Scientific research of the properties of materials and devices. Detection of inhomogeneities in materials and devices, such as inclusions of foreign material, the base material defects, cracks, stress, and hardening the state of magnetization. Various measurement techniques. Signal and image processing and decision-making methods. Electric Power Generation.

Transmission and Distribution. Power Electronics. Power Quality. Power Economic.

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Renewable Energy. Electric Traction. Electromagnetic Compatibility.

  • 1. Introduction.
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Electrical Engineering Materials. High Voltage Insulation Technologies.

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High Voltage Apparatuses. Lightning Detection and Protection.

The Catenary

Power System Analysis. Electrical Measurements. Applications of power semiconductor technology: devices, techniques and performance management. Circuits and topologies. The focus was the energy saving potential on this section of track, which run with V DC at the time of the study, but will run with V DC in In this study, the potential of various power-saving installations was researched, such as recovery capable rectifiers, and both stationary and vehicle mounted energy storage units.

The Melbourne tram network is one of the biggest in the world. The point of the investigation was to determine possible weaknesses of the tram network energy supply, and to identify potential optimisation. A sensitivity analysis revealed the influence of individual parameters on the power supply, such as the rectifier spacing, contact wire resistance, or the slope of the line.

On the 1st of February , the regulations for the protection against non-ionised radiation NISV came into effect in Switzerland. The scope covers 3 aspects as follows:.

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For the new rack and tunnel line of the Zentralbahn to Engelberg, the traction current supply had to be enhanced. For this purpose, a new static converter in Obermatt was built by the infrastructure energy department of the Swiss Federal Railway, who is tasked by the Zentralbahn and responsible for the traction current supply. As part of the study for implementing the Swiss regulation of protection against non-ionising radiation on electrical railways, measurements of magnetic fields were conducted in the entire area around a railway line.

As part of the Lausanne-Morges urban area project, a new tramline between Renens and Lausanne was constructed. The group ELAusanne was responsible for the power distribution, the call for tenders, the supervision of the construction, and the commissioning. Over the last few years, the introduction of new rolling stock, heavier trains and shorter headway have increased load on the traction power supply of the Matterhorn Gotthard railway MGBahn.

Since this trend is set to continue into the future, the traction power network must be continuously upgraded and modernised. Moritz — Tirano for various new rolling stock options. The aim was two-fold: assess the existing power supply network and provide instructions and specifications for future projects. The project remit covers the whole construction project, including the dimensioning and construction of the traction power installations for the new Gotthard Base Tunnel line. The construction project serves as a basis for the cost estimation from ATG, the approval procedure and the tender for the electro-mechanical installations.

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