Metaphor in use : context, culture, and communication

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[Corpora-List] Metaphor identification

Part I introduces readers to practical and methodological problems of the intercultural transfer of metaphor through empirical corpus-based and experimental studies of translators' experiences and strategies in dealing with figurative language in a variety of contexts. Part II explores the universality-relativity dimension of cross- and intercultural metaphor on the basis of empirical data from various European and non-European cultures. Part III investigates the socio-economic and political consequences of figurative language use through case studies of communication between aboriginal and mainstream cultures, in the media, in political discourse and gender-related discourses.

The results open new perspectives on some of the basic assumptions of the 'classic' cognitive paradigm, e.

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Revisiting the function of background information in sight translating metaphor: An analysis of translation product and process, Xia Xiang and Binghan Zheng 4. Culture-Specific Aspects of Metaphor 5. Conceptual metaphor in intercultural communication between speakers of Aboriginal English and Australian English, Farzad Sharifian 7. Manuel Sanchez Garcia.

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Fiona MacArthur. Jose Luis Oncins. How then can we reliably identify metaphors in different contexts?


How does the language or culture of speakers and hearers affect the way metaphors are produced or interpreted? Are the methods employed to explore metaphors in one context applicable in others? The book constitutes an important contribution to applied metaphor studies, and will prove an invaluable resource for the novice and experienced metaphor researcher alike.

Context, culture, and communication

The editors Table of contents have performed an outstanding List of contributors Chapter 9. Contexts of research cultural metaphor: Networking in drugs terminology metaphor, discourse, and culture. Metaphor in discourse: Chapter Dorst analysis from an experientialist perspective of methodology that are raised Chapter 3. Gestures, language, and what they reveal about contexts, and supply a range of Chapter 4.

Metaphor and culture Any metaphor scholar will find Part 2. Contexts of production Chapter Health staff do need to be aware of, and sensitive to, potential differences and to reflect on how their own use of language may be open to different cultural interpretations see Pauwels, However, as part of a careful educational process an understanding of the cultural dimensions of metaphor can also enable much more effective communication between cultural groups if metaphors from the target culture are used to help explain concepts from the other culture e.

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