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Bacus, ; Smith, ; Roca and Incze, These two processes are mentioned together, because in practice they are impossible to separate.

Uncooked fermented / dry cured meats

Further, the smoking process is also considered at least as old a preservation method as drying. These preservation methods are several thousands of years old.

How To Make a Meat Ferment

Even so, the origin of the word salami still seems uncertain. In addition to the above considerations, any processors wishing to export to the US are required to demonstrate that the existing process is capable of attaining a minimum 5-Log reduction in both Salmonella spp. However, since a pathogen such as Salmonella would be too dangerous to be introduced into any meat processing plant, the use of surrogate organisms is highly recommended and is also found acceptable by FSIS.

Under the current regulatory framework, the following hazards have been identified as a public concern:. Under Canadian regulations, processors are allowed to use pH and Aw independently or in combination.

However, the 5-Log reduction does become a regulatory performance standard required for US exports. We are very pleased with their practical approach to resolving issues and finding opportunities for process improvement. Renzo works in an efficient, professional and timely manner.

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We look forward to working with Renzo in the future, and have no reservations on recommending him to others looking to improve their processes and take their Food Safety to the next level. Thanks Quantum!

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We hired Quantum to evaluate our cooking processes including our smokehouses and spiral oven. We certainly recommend their services.

Renzo came to us highly recommended and we have contracted him on multiple occasions to validate our cooking and chilling processes. He uses a practical approach and specialized tools that allow him to provide a fairly comprehensive service.

Meat Cultures Market to Record an Exponential CAGR by – News Varsity

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The production of fermented meats, such as fermented sausage, relies on the metabolic activities of lactic acid bacteria and catalase-positive cocci, in particular the group of coagulase-negative staphylococci CNS. Conventional use of CNS as meat starter cultures usually leads to an appropriate cured colour development based on their nitrate reductase activity, whereas their catalase activity reduces oxidative damage.

In addition, CNS metabolism contributes to flavour, although the precise effects are difficult to estimate. There are reasons to believe that these basic technological features of CNS can be further enlarged by exploring their full metabolic potential. Non-negligible differences in metabolism among and within different species of CNS indicate that a rational selection of strains may lead to the development of novel starter cultures with enhanced functionality.